Ricky Leonard

   Recording Artist

Native American Style Flutes


Ricky Leonard, a Native American Style Flute Artist, and builder,  was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and has a true sense of what beauty is, seeing Nature and connecting with his Spiritual side he has found a true love of Native American, World, Ambient, Meditative and Christian Genres of music.

Playing the Native American Flute to Speak to the Heart and Spirit and to use this beautiful voice to relax, heal, meditate and rejuvenate oneself to peace, love, and joy. To embrace the Native American and Native cultures around the world.

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Thankful by Ricky Leonard
Ricky Leonard

You're inspiring! Thank you for sharing your gift.


Diane Arkenstone 

Thank you so much Ricky! I listened to your music on ReverbNation and it is gorgeous,

your flute playing is superb!


Hi Ricky! I am a huge fan of Native Flute or any Native American music. I have a growing collection, two of my favorites being Danial Bigay (whom I saw live at the Rancocas pau wau last year) and Carlos Nakai. You just made my day posting this. You create such beautiful music. Im a new and excited fan!!!! Going back to your page to continue listening!


Donna Murray stunning piece of native american flute music...could listen to this all day, im a new fan on RN well done Ricky Leonard

“ Very nice. It gives a tranquil feeling to the soul. ”

“ pleasing to my spirit ”

“ love this instrument ”

“ love it ”

Port Moody Canada
“ love your talent man! ”

Toronto Canada
“ calming to the mind and the soul ”

Ricky Leonard
Your Beauty
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